About Us

Customer Service

CAS's first priority is creating solid relationships with Canada's Airsoft retailers, field operators, players and enthusiasts. We are striving to be Canada's finest Airsoft wholesaler and that goal begins and ends with understanding and serving your business and on-field needs. CAS ensures consistent quality service by keeping excellent staff. All of our staff are courteous, honest, product aware and passionate about Airsoft. We focus on earning your repeat business by assessing your company's specific needs and meeting them in a personalized way. We promise live telephone support, forum support and same day email response within business hours on all of your questions, concerns and feedback. Please let us know how we can earn your loyalty and cooperation in promoting and developing Canadian Airsoft.

Close Relationship with the Canadian Authorities

CAS works actively with the Canadian authorities to clarify and refine existing airsoft legislation and to spearhead new ground breaking legislation to benefit the retailers, field operators, players and the entire Canadian Airsoft community. We work completely within Canadian laws and promote legal and legitimate Airsoft across Canada while complying with our own stringent safety requirements and quality standards. We see our role with the Canadian authorities as a partnership in shaping the future of Airsoft in Canada. If you are aware of companies or players that exemplify good practices in Canadian Airsoft please let us know so we can congratulate and adopt their good practices.

Canada's Best Prices

CAS is constantly researching the International Airsoft market and works closely with some of Airsoft's biggest manufacturers and distributors. Having established exclusive distribution for many of Canada's most popular products and having brokered direct rates with manufacturers on all of our products has developed a superior network we are proud of. These developments have allowed us to offer ground breaking prices that we are able to pass on to the retailers and field operators in order to make Airsoft more affordable, accessible and appealing for all groups.retailers and field operators in order to make Airsoft more affordable, accessible and appealing for all groups.

Extensive Research and Development

CAS is excited to be partnered with Airsoft's most cutting edge innovators for guns, equipment, and accessories. Our goal is to create and introduce products exclusive to Canadian players and Canadian Airsoft laws, while surpassing current standards of durability, precision, quality and playability. We are always on the watch for innovative product and attend every International Trade Show we can to secure exclusive rates on up and coming Airsoft products for Canada. As a result CAS is Canada's most direct and specialized Airsoft wholesaler.

Commitment to Safety

CAS is dedicated to ensure safety in the Canadian Airsoft Community. Airsoft safety in Canada begins with clear and appropriate government legislation of Airsoft products. For this reason, CAS is working closely with the Canadian government to clarify and refine existing legislation and to spearhead new legislation for the Canadian Airsoft Industry. CAS is dedicated to import and create product that fully complies with Federal/Provincial Law as well as meets our own stringent safety requirements. CAS is also working towards safety through the promotion of Airsoft fields across Canada that set standards for gameplay, supervision, and equipment including safety gear. Finally, CAS encourages players and observers to invest in their own safety by setting clear objectives and rules for gameplay as well as using proper safety gear at all times. Safety gear includes; mandatory eye-enclosing projectile resistant goggles, with the optional use of tactical clothing, helmets, sturdy boots, neck guards and gloves. CAS only promotes playing at fields and other organized and quarantined areas. CAS' Airsoft guns are intended for purchase and use only by responsible players 18 years and older. If anyone under 18 should use an airsoft gun, CAS STRONGLY advises that the player be SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.

Diverse Product Line

CAS is committed to meeting the needs of every Airsoft player, carrying products ranging from entry-level guns to high-end collectors’ items. Our product line is innovative, unique and extensive; corresponding with popular demand as well as Canadian legislation. From supplying small retailers to major box stores with Airsoft products, we are paving the way as Canada's most reliable and trusted Airsoft wholesaler. CAS is also constantly adding new products so please check back regularly to see what's new to Canada and Airsoft.

Canada's Most Extensive Warranty Program

CAS is the only Airsoft company in Canada to offer warranty of any kind on all of our products. Our warranty is a display of our commitment to our clients and the Canadian Airsoft Community as well as to the quality of our product. All guns purchased through CAS currently offer a 30 day Standard Warranty for factory defects.

Focus on Airsoft Field Development

CAS wholeheartedly supports the development of high quality Airsoft fields*. CAS supports Airsoft field development for overall consistency of player and observer safety, for the growth and legitimizing of our industry, including higher public profile and accessibility, for the benefit of Canada's current and upcoming field operators, and for the creation and continued growth of high quality playing areas for players all across Canada. CAS intends to co-sponsor tournaments across Canada in the near future to highlight Canada's finest Airsoft fields. If you know of exceptional Airsoft fields in Canada that we should partner with please introduce us.

Constant Growth and Feedback

CAS is committed to serve the Canadian Airsoft retailers and the Canadian Airsoft Community. We plan for our service to you to constantly evolve so we want to hear your recommendations, innovative ideas and constructive feedback to improve CAS as well as Airsoft in Canada. We want to combine your feedback and ideas with our passion and production to make your business more successful and your on-field game more competitive and fun.

Wholesale Program

CAS has been operating a wholesale program for over 10 years. We have been supplying and working closely with select Canadian Airsoft retailers. We started with a select clientele in order to research the Canadian Airsoft market, develop our logistics and customer service and strategically position ourselves with manufacturers and the Canadian government. This interim program prepared us to supply the Canadian airsoft industry in a large scale launch. We are very excited about our new launch which will showcase top-of-the-line product never before seen in Canada.